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Eccentric Professionals Limited (ECPROF) is one of the UK’s top Value-Added Resellers for IT hardware and software and provides cutting-edge technology solutions to multi-faceted industries in the government and public sector. ECPROF is operating in the United Kingdom along with providing its services all over Europe.

Equipped with a vast amount of experience and a portfolio in excess of 300,000 IT products from all the principal manufacturers, ECPROF is a versatile IT VAR. This allows ECPROF to be able to provide the best pricing and delivery mechanisms for private businesses and public sector companies all over Europe.

ECPROF’s Dedicated Account Managers and Sales Team are one of our core assets. Our sales team is present round the clock to provide our valued clientele with expert IT advice to maximize the performance outcomes and minimize the costs in the most cost-effective manner. Working with ECPROF ensures that you receive your IT products on time, even in emergency downtimes and performance impacting critical scenarios. Our valued clients have informed us that this has greatly assisted them in making available scarce internal company resources and has allowed them to focus on core business interests.

Along with ECPROF’s wide-ranging product portfolio, ECPROF has dedicated Sales professionals available who specialize in providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to Academic, Healthcare, and Governmental organizations. This specialization assures our clients that we will always be able to assist them in identifying the best solutions for their IT requirements.

The ECPROF business philosophy is not restricted to simply the order stage. ECPROF realizes that pre-sales and post-sales support is just as important to clients as placing an order. Therefore pre and post-sales support is an important component of ECPROF's business strategy, making us push the boundaries to exceed our customers’ expectations on every order.

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